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i love physical touch.  like not even kissing and stuff just like.  sitting next to each other with our arms touching or our legs overlapping or walking next to each other with our arms brushing i love knowing im real i love existing with people i love it

"When women scream you wonder what’s wrong with them. When men yell you get afraid about what they’re going to do."
-A girl in my creative writing class said this in response to a story we read about witnessing intimate partner violence and it really fucked with my head because I’ve never, ever, ever, thought of it that way.  (via astronomized)
"If you think you’re going to pull a fast one on me, think again. I’m the best, most thorough researcher you’ll meet. I won’t stop until I find the truth and uncover your deepest, darkest secret(s)."
-The Aquarian (via bearingwater)


i hate that im sensitive and jealous and stupid and quiet and ugly and annoying 

"How fascinating it is that there are millions of people all over the world who are wide awake at 4 am missing someone. And there are millions of people sound asleep at 4 am, with no idea that they’re being missed."
-please come back (via nashviille)
"You had me at a point where I would’ve left the entire world behind for you."

2:03am, I really loved you that much. (via tahom)

(via stayinsclitude)